Doug's Story


I picked up the phone, already atuned to a problem, I didn’t yet know what it was. Jodi repeated to me what had happened. I immediately told her to phone the 911 and asked her if she could do that. Yes, I can phone, she said. I told her we would be right there as fast as we could and that she had to phone 911. As soon as I put the phone down, Jamie picked it up and called 911, she started talking to the operator and the operator told her that her sister was on the other line. I was terrified, and we had to get home fast, even though I didn’t know what we would be walking into when we got there. I drove like a madman down the Lewvan, trying get home, but the trip home seemed to take so long, we were so quiet.

We pulled into the bay and all I could see was a sea of red lights flashing. I couldn’t get anywhere near the house because there were way too many emergency vehicles and people in the way. I stopped in a neighbor’s driveway and we ran into the house. As we entered police and emergency personnel were everywhere. We were stopped from rushing to Devon’s side by the police.

A lot of stuff becomes quite blurry because this isn’t real? Is it? You can’t tell anymore…you have been thrown into shock and what is happening to you seems surreal, it can’t be true? Can it? Please someone pinch me, come on alarm clock wake me up, this is a horrible nightmare and I want out of it!

No, it is happening. We hear “he’s gone”, “cardiac arrest”, “no open airway”…..crap that you wish that you never have to hear in a lifetime, believe me.

I was taken away by an officer to Devon’s bedroom, he started asking me a bunch of questions, and I couldn’t repeat to this day any of them. I am sure that I answered some of them, but have no clue what they were…..

Back out to the kitchen…I cling on to my wife, we are crying, slumped down in the middle of the floor, our world has been crushed. We hear someone coming up the stairs……”WE HAVE A PULSE’..the whole time, police all around us, they make us leave the room so we can’t see them leave with our son…….Where are they taking him! I can’t remember who, but we were told; “The Pasqua Hospital, yeah, you can go, but there is no hurry” We leave a bunch of police in our home, going through everything we own, we don’t care, we just have to get to the hospital