A Few Fatal Seconds


Cardiac arrest, Anoxia, "It was too long", "there is no brain activity" - These were the first words from the medical team.  For days Devon struggled for his life.  Machines everywhere, nine intravenous pumps, a respirator keeping him breathing, an ice blanket wrapped around his body to decrease blood flow to the brain to prevent further swelling.  Our beautiful boy lay there in a coma consumed by machines trying to keep him alive.

The brain injury happened in an instant, a few fatal seconds.

The echo of this event will resound for a lifetime.


Of all the many hard things that I have done since this crisis, one of the more difficult was to write this down.

I'm not sure why I decided to write this, maybe to explain the events one time for everyone; maybe to help people understand; or is it a self-therapy? Or maybe just because it is a story that should be told.

This site isn't just about what happened to Devon and what has happened to his family. It is also about believing, and the power within. And hopefully to some, a realization of the horrors of Crystal Meth.

Many special thanks:

Pastor Edmund Gordon, Karen Gordon

Aman House: Healing Through Christ Counselling Centre

  • for the prayers
  • for the teachings
  • for the faith
  • for the love

The nurses and doctors of Pasqua Hospital ICU

A special nurse to me named Laurie as I believe she helped us to save Devon's life one night by believing in a higher power.

A special nurse to Doug named Steve as Steve took time and care in teaching Doug the procedures he needed to know to save Dev's life if there was complications.  He was honest and comforting and helped us get through the initial days of Dev's injury.

Darlene Tumak

  • for believing in Devon
  • for acknowledging the importance of Devon's friendships
  • for continuing

Elaine Haughey

  • for believing in Devon
  • for comforting Devon with the many massages!
  • for continuing

Melissa, Heather, Ashley, Dayna, Jill, Dustin, Shawn, Derek, Brett, Cole

  • for remaining in Devon's life

A very special thank you to our family and friends who have shown us so much love and support throughout.