January 1 – We went home today. When we got there we pushed Devon into the living room and went to get a towel to dry off his wheels. When we got back into the living room, Devon was just sitting there smiling.

January 2 – A wonderful day at home. Devon did great with everything from getting up in the morning to letting us know when he had to go to the bathroom. Jamie and Cody came to visit today and Devon really liked that. And of course he liked the bus ride back to Wascana.

January 4 – Dayna came to visit today! Devon was very happy to see her. He showed off a little bit for her.

January 6 – Devon had been sick again through the night. He had some gravol and seemed to feel better after that. Today was 0° outside so Devon and I went and sat in the sun for ½ hour. He loved it.

January 7 – Happy Birthday Devon. 17. Wow. Unfortunately his day didn’t start off too good, he was sick again this morning. He had gravol and slept for a while and then we gave him a bath. That really helped. Then Melissa and Derek came to visit just before we took off for home. Devon had lots of visitors at home and got lots of presents. He was the king for the day and he knew it! He went to bed real good and for the first time, Doug and I slept.

January 8 – Dad and Devon put together his motorcycle he got for his birthday. It was so cute as Devon had his arm around Dad as they sat at the table constructing the model. In the afternoon we went to the Science Center and Devon loved it! Then we went and washed the van. We took Devon out of the van to watch and he was in his glory!

January 10 – Devon’s PEJ burst open this morning. They put in a temporary one and turned the feeds way down so he doesn’t get sick again. He is going to RGH once again.

January 12 – Everything went real good at the hospital. We were there for 4 hours and Devon did great. He now has a "button" PEJ instead of a tube hanging out of his stomach. It is just a little button on his tummy. Devon woke up in recovery only after 5 minutes! I think he is getting quite used to his surgeries. Jamie and Jennifer came and spent the evening with him. When Jamie asked him how his surgery went, he said "good".

January 19 – Devon is quite emotional today. He had a few crying episodes, but Dad was able to put his mind on something else and it didn’t last too long. Devon weighed in at 111lbs! Way to go Dev!

January 21 – We took Devon to the mall again today. This time we let him pick what he wanted to buy. He bought some new slippers, a lollipop and a present for Jodi.

January 24 – While Devon and I were standing today, he reached both his arms up and over my neck to hug me – all on his own!

January 25 – Jodi took Devon to his bowling tonight and they had a great time. Devon got a score of 135!

January 27 – Devon is very alert today although the nurses reported a restless night. Dayna came to visit but only got to see him for a few minutes as he had to go to therapy.

January 28 – We came home today. Melissa, Ashley, Cole and Dustin came over. They hung out in Devon’s room and Cole made Devon laugh a few times. It was great to see. Later on Jamie, Austen, Jen, Cody, Caiden, Jodi and Garrett all came over. Devon just loves to watch the babies play. Again Devon went to bed so very good.

January 29 – An excellent night with Devon! Elaine came over and Devon gave her a big hug and he was smelling her hair and rubbing his face against it. She smelled good! Later on Darlene came over and Devon gave her a big hug when she was leaving.

February 1 – We gave Devon some baby food today (bananas - we told him it was a fruit cup of course). He did real good with it but his swallows are still slow. He went bowling with Jodi tonight.

February 3 – Devon’s balance is improving. He weighed in today at 111.7lbs.

February 6 – When we got here today Devon was playing with his fingers. I said, "wow your hands are working good for you today" and he looked up at me and smiled proudly.

February 7 – Today is one year since Devon came to Wascana. It was also the first day of Devon’s new youth group music therapy. When the therapist (Melinda) asked him what kind of music he would like, he said rap. Melinda now has to learn rap and promised Devon she would.

February 8 – Grams came today and took Devon to his music therapy. She said they had a good time.

February 10 – When we got here today Devon was quite distressed. He was sitting forward and his whole body was tensed up and his heart was racing. He was most upset. Our first thought was that he had to have a poop. He does get upset sometimes when he has to go and knows he can’t get to the toilet. We got him up out of his chair and he started to cry and moan. So we took him to the bathroom and sure enough! He hadn’t gone in 4 days so he was probably having real bad tummy pains. He was just perfect after that! After his bath tonight he weighed in at 112lbs!!!!

February 11 – Devon started his swimming classes today. When we first got in the pool he was pretty scared. It took about 20 minutes for the fear to leave him. Once it did he really enjoyed it. He walked so good in the water! We did lots of floating and pulling him around. We stayed in the pool for an hour ½ . It was the best.

February 17 – We ditched this place today! We went home for the night and Devon did awesome. He didn’t go to sleep until 11:00. He was alright, he just didn’t want to go to bed yet.

February 18 – A very good day today. Devon really likes waking up at home. We headed back to Wascana for swimming.Melissa and Heather came to watch. As he was going down into the pool on the lift I told him, "look Devon, the girls are watching you", and he looked over at them and they were waving at him. He let go of the handle on his lift and waved back at them! He showed off for them too. It was just wonderful!

February 21 – I bought Devon a gun today that shoots ping pong balls.  We loaded it up and I gave it to him and said “shoot”.  He looked at me for a moment and then looked at the gun.  You could see he was really thinking.  Then he shot it! He turned and looked at me again and he had a little smile.  So we played with the gun for a long time!  We went for a walk and saw Devon’s friend Jeff.  I told Devon to show Jeff how his gun works.  So he did and that made Jeff smile.  Devon felt pretty important after that!

February 22 – Jodi came up today and took Devon bowling.  She said he did awesome.  Then she put a tattoo on his hand and he put one on her hand!  Way to go Dev!

February 23 – Melissa and Cayla came up today.  Devon gave them a couple of smiles and he tried to use his spelling board, but it just wasn’t working for him at that moment.  The Dad came up and he noticed that Devon was looking atMelissa real hard.  So he asked Devon if he wanted to say something to Melissa and he said yes.  So Dad gave him the board and Devon spelt “Hi Mel.”  He had wanted to say hi to her.

February 25 – We had a great day today.  Devon walked up the steps in the pool today.  He did it so naturally, just as if his body remembered and he didn’t even notice.  We were so happy about it we had him do it a couple more times!  Then we came home for the night and everything went sooooooo good.

February 26 – Devon had a good night.  He slept through the night and still didn’t want to get up.  He did good with his morning routine and then fell asleep while watching cartoons.  We did some work with his therapy ball.  He can sit on it so good now.  Grandma and Grandpa came over to visit and brought Devon a cute little stuffed puppy.  Later in the day we went to the Northgate Mall and Devon bought some new shades.  He really enjoyed cruising through the mall.

February 28 – Dayna and her mom came to visit.   Devon was happy to see her.  Dayna said that Devon looks better every time she sees him.  Devon had lots of smiles for Dayna tonight.

March 1 – Jennifer and Jodi came today and took Devon to a movie playing on the main floor.  The girls said he did good but they thought it was pretty boring!  Devon weighed in today at 114.2!!!!!

March 4 – When I got here today I could tell Devon wasn’t too happy.  I asked him if he wanted up and he said yes.  I stood him up and I instantly knew he was soaked!  I said to him, “Devon I am so sorry I wasn’t here to take you to the bathroom. I’m sorry you had to sit here in wet pants”, and then he started patting my shoulder (saying it’s ok).  I almost cried.

March 8 – We gave Devon a sucker again today and he did real good with it.  I let him have it for about 2 minutes this time! But his swallows were good – they are still delayed, but at least he can get it down the right tube.

March 11 – Another great day of swimming and we went home again!  Devon watched his favorite movie “Dangerous Minds” and wow did he enjoy that!  This was one movie I never thought of and found it going through the collection.  He had loved that movie since he was 11 years old.  He was almost smiling through the whole movie!  It was great.

March 12 – Another great day!  I let Devon sleep until 8:00 and he woke up on his own.  We walked Devon to the bathroom to use the toilet.  He did awesome!  When I told Devon he was going back on the bus again he smiled real big and looked out the window for the bus!

March 13 – When we were getting Dev up for some standing today we wanted to see how far he could get on his own.  We lifted his arm rests up so he could reach them while standing.  He put his hands on the armrest, we reminded him to tuck his chin, then encouraged him to get up.  We told him he was going to do this all by himself.  He hesitated and Doug told him that he had his back – mom was standing right in front of him.  Devon stood his self up – all the way and held on to the arm rests.  There he was – standing on his very own!!  Holding ourselves from bawling our eyes out, we continued to encourage him, then congratulate him!

March 14 – At one point today I could sense something in Devon, and I asked him, “am I bugging you?” and he said yes.  I told him, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing that bugs you”.  The he lifted up his hand that was holding a cloth and he started wiping my mouth!

March 17 – Devon weighed in today at 114.4lbs.  When I asked him to pick a movie he wanted to watch, he picked The Fantastic Four.

March 18 – Devon did awesome in the pool today.  He walked from the shallow end to the deep end twice.  Then Dad was piggy-backing Dev and he wouldn’t get off!  We had so much fun.  Later on Dad was talking to Devon and asked him if he wanted to tell dad something and Devon said yes.  We asked him to use his spelling board to tell dad what he wants. Devon spelled out “I am Devon”.

March 23 – When I had Devon alone today and we were away from all distractions, I decided to tell him a joke.  I thought about all the times his friends make him laugh and I tried to act like them.  So I started off, “hey Dev, I got a joke for ya. Check this out…..”  I had his full attention and I told him the joke.  Well he laughed and laughed!  I was laughing then as I was so happy and he kept laughing because I was laughing.  It was so great!!!!

March 25 – Another great day of swimming.  When we showered Devon off today we let him stand underneath the shower. He really liked it, turning his head back and forth and so on.  Then we headed for home.  We had a great evening and when I put Devon to bed I stood in the hallway where he couldn’t see me and I watched him.  He played around with his bunny – lifting him up in the air – down – up.  Then he cuddled bunny to his cheek and fell asleep.

March 26 – Elaine came over today to see Devon at home.  She gave him the most wonderful massage.  When Elaine was leaving she asked him for a smile.  She said “that would really make my day” and then he smiled at her.

March 29 – We had our annual conference with the doctor today.  Everything was good news and Dr. Laursen said whatever you want or need, we will provide.  Then we had our parent-teacher conference and that was wonderful too! 

March 30 – Melissa and Christeena came to visit today and Devon had lots of smiles for them.  He also spelt their names out when Melissa asked him who was there to see him.

March 31 – For the first time while in the bath Devon sat all by himself.  He crossed his legs to give himself more support and sat that way for almost 5 minutes!  He weighed in today at 115lbs.  Go Dev!

April 1 -  Devon just wanted Dad to pull him around in the pool today.  It was so cute.  He was on Doug’s back holding on around his neck and Doug was just swimming around pulling Dev along!  He had a great time.

April 4 – Jamie came up to spend some time with Devon before her baby is born.  Then later on Darlene and Dustin came up.  They were doing a lot of laughing.  Dustin was telling stories of old times.  They were all laughing and having a great time.

April 5 – When Dad was putting a movie on for Devon he kept looking at the tv and then the light, and back and forth.  Dougwas sure for a minute what it was about.  Then he said “oh, you want me to turn the light out?” and Devon answered yes.

April 7 - Devon is very alert today and looking all around.  When dad put a movie in for him tonight he motioned to him and looked at the lights.  He wanted the lights off!  He is getting very good at letting us know what he wants.

April 8 - Today was swimming again and Jamie came to watch.  Devon was doing so good and even once he laughed, which made Jamie cry.  He is getting better at kicking his feet in the water.  Later in the evening we went for a long walk in the park and Devon loved it.  He didn't want to come back in!

April 10 - Devon is doing super today.  He has been so bright and alert.  We have been getting comments from everyone. He is looking back and forth, up and down.  He looks at things differently now (pays way more attention to them). Sometimes we notice him studying something he is looking at.

April 12 - Devon is wonderful today!  We are amazed at the change in him.

The decrease of the Risperidone is evident.  He was moving himself around a lot in his chair.  I think he has found that he can.  Jodi came up tonight and took Devon for a long walk outside.  Devon did the same to Jodi when he put a movie in for him - looked at her, looked at the lights, looked at her, looked at the lights...  Jodi was just thrilled!

April 13 - After Dev's bath we weighed him.  He weighed in at 114lbs.  He lost one pound.  Darn.  Devon is on Easter break now and we will be going home lots!  Jamie, Ryan and Austen came to visit today.  Devon watched Austen most of the time.  He really enjoys watching the little ones.

April 15 - Today was our last swimming class.  I think it was also the most fun Devon has had in the pool!  He walked from the shallow end to the deep end twice.  Jodi and Garrett came to watch and took some video.  After the pool Devon had his feeds and we headed for home.  Devon just loves the bus!

We had a great evening and Dev was ready for bed at 10:00.  He moaned a lot at first.  We were not sure if it was good or not, but he settled nicely and fell asleep in about 10 minutes.  How wonderful it is to see him in his bed.

Thank you sweet Jesus.

April 16 - Another great day.  Devon slept all night.  We had a good time all day.  We went outside a couple of times and went for walks around the neighborhood.  Devon loved it!  We went over to Darlene and Dustin's house but they weren't home so we visited with Wayne for a while.  Jamie, Ryan and Austen came to visit.  When the sun went down we putDevon in a sleeping bag and went outside and had a fire.  That was awesome!   The look on his face the whole time was total contentment.  Grandma and Grandpa came over too.  It was such a nice time.  Devon stayed up until 11:00!

 April 18 - For the first time, after work, I drove straight home.  How wonderful it was, and then even better when I got there that Devon was home with dad!  We had a great night, along with lots of laughs from Dev.

April 19 - Devon had another good night.  We got him up at 7:15 and he continued to sleep until 10:00!  He stayed home with Dad while Mom went to the RGH as Jamie had her baby this morning!  A beautiful baby boy.  We took him back around 4:00 and Jodi and Garrett took him bowling.  Devon got the highest score and got to pick a prize out of the basket.  He picked body wash and a comb.  Jodi was so proud.

April 20 - Devon was out and about with his Dad all day.  They went to the RGH to see his new nephew Ethen and to see Jamie because it was her birthday.  He had some smiles for Jamie, but I think he thought Ethen was too small to touch!  He really enjoyed looking at him though.  Then they came downstairs to Mom's clinic to see me - that was great!  Then they took off again and went to the East Leisure center to have a look at the pool.

They got back to Wascana just as I got there after work.  We went for a long walk in the park and then gave Devon a bath. What a good day.  Devon weighed in at 115lbs.

April 22 - We went home again today.  As usual, Devon loved the bus ride.

We spent some time outside and then came in and Devon watched Dad put his bath chair together.  Then Melissa, Cole, Christina and Brett came over to visit.  They had a good time.  They took Devon outside and played some ball and we took pictures.  Later on we gave Devon a bath with his new chair.

WELL!  He didn't like the process at all.  We are going to have to buy a new tub (deeper) as with the chair the water barely covers his groin.  He looked unhappy the entire time (he didn't like the lift either).  As he was sitting there in the tub, I said, "you don't like this system do you?"  he shook his head no.  I said, "do you want to get out?", and he put both his arms on the side of the tub and started to stand up by himself!  Once he noticed, he just froze there, half way up!  He was getting out!  It was awesome.  Dad's entry:  It was wonderful having you home so much this week Devon, can't wait until it is every single day.  I love you son.

April 25 - Jodi came and took Devon bowling.  He got second this time.  Jodi tripped over Devon's chair and Devonlaughed at her.  Awesome buddy.

April 29 - Today Dustin Allen came to visit.  He was just leaving when we got there so not too sure how the visit went.  We were just happy to see him there.  It was a beautiful day so we took Devon for a 2 hour walk through the park.  It was so nice.  Devon is very alert again today.

May 1 - Today Doug put Devon in a high back chair in the concourse.  Devon just loved it.  He watched attentively as people walked by and he seemed to be holding his head quite high (as if to say "look at me!").  He got his feet up on the table and was sitting so good, just chillin. 

May 2 - Today we took Devon down to the concourse and got some pictures of him and Jeff (Devon's buddy).  Then Jodicame up with two girls to meet Devon.  They are Kelsey and Raina.  They are going to provide some relief for us.  Devonreally took to them and I think they enjoyed being with him.

Jodi had them all laughing a couple of times.  Before we said goodnight to Dev, I asked him if he liked the girls and wanted them to come back.  I got a huge nodd yes.

May 5 - We headed for home today.  We have the volunteer van again so we decided to stop at the East Leisure Center for a swim.  They didn't have that good of a set up and the water was very cold.  Within 10 minutes Devon's fingernails turned blue.  There were a lot of kids there jumping and screaming and Devon got scared.  So that idea isn't going to work!  We had a great night at home and again Dev was awake until 11:00.

May 9 - Today was Kelsey and Raina's first day with Devon.  They went for a walk and then decided to do some activities. First Kelsey brought out her sketch book so Devon could draw a little.  He was able to pick up and hold the pencil crayon by himself and moved the pencil around on the paper.  And they asked him to choose the colors, which he did.  Then they played around with play dough and got Devon to open his hands wide and squeeze into the play dough.  He did very well. The girls really enjoyed their visit with him.

May 12 - Devon weighed in at 113.6lbs.  Down some. 

May 14 - Kelsey and Raina had another good day with Devon.  They went outside for a while and then went and played the piano in the concourse.

Then they got out the paints and sat Devon by the window and Dev painted a picture for mom for Mother's Day.  They were really impressed with how much he wanted to do on his own.  The girls said they had a lot of fun.

May 15 - Today was our Family/Medical Conference.  Devon came along as we felt he should hear everything they have to say considering it is about him.

The conference was wonderful.  Finally after 551 days we have some supports.

Again we mentioned how important it is to have Devon in the pool and we would not give up the fight for that right.  The nurse will pass that on to the OT mentioning that Devon is improving in the pool.  Home care was there too, but it didn't sound like we would get too much out of them.  We need a nurse in the morning and then again after school.  They don't have any morning nurses (still questioning this) but could accommodate the after school.  So we may have to apply for flex hours at work so that we could get Devon off to school on the bus at 8:30.  Homecare will provide 4 hours of respite care a week so we can have one evening where we can both get out.  His PT and OT will be done at school  YES!! And we have a social worker again!  They set Devon's discharge date as September 1.  YES!!

May 16 - Kelsey and Raina were back again today and Kelsey brought her guitar and sang for Devon.  He was smiling and answered yes when they asked him if he was enjoying it.  Later on they went down to the concourse and Devon wanted to play the piano again, so they did that too.  Devon was in his glory.

May 18 - We have the van again so we headed for home after feeds!  Devon had a good night and fell asleep in his chair at 10:00.  When we put him to bed he curled up in the fetal position, moaned a couple of times and then was fast asleep.

May 19 - Mom had to work today so Dad and Devon spent the day together.

Doug took him outside for a walk and they stopped and talked with Mo and Telock.  Then they walked on and ended up down by St. Jerome school and stopped at a garage sale.  Devon was loving it!  Later in the afternoon they jumped in the van and roamed around.  They went to Home Depot, Northgate Mall and Co Op Home Center and bought some fence boards.  The evening was good too and Devon was definitely tired at bed time! 

May 20 - Jodi and Jen spent the afternoon with Dev today.  They took him to the McKenzie Art Gallery.  He was very interested and looked at everything.

Then they went to the park and took Devon out of his chair and laid on a blanket on the grass (picture of this in photo album 2) for 45 minutes.  The girls made him laugh many times today.

May 21 - Kelsey came with her guitar again today.  She played some for Devon and then let him try to play the guitar.  She reports he did very well for his first try!  Darlene and Dustin came for a visit too but we just missed them.

May 22 - We brought Devon home again today.  He enjoyed watching Dad work on the bathroom.  Doug widened the door and took one wall down.  Devon was very interested.  The only thing that bothered him was when Doug used the drill.  It scared him a bit.  But he watched for almost 2 hours.  Then Grams came over to visit.  We had a good time.

May 24 - It was confirmed by Marg (Devon's PT) that he will go in the pool every Wed. morning!  It pays to fight!!  Doug and I came and took Dev out of school at 9:45 and got him ready for the pool.  Devon did awesome!  Marg was impressed. When it was time to get out, Marg asked him if he could walk up the stairs to get out of the pool.  Devon said yes, and asDoug held onto him, he went right up those stairs!  No hesitation at all.  Then we showered off and Doug held Dev under the shower and let him move under the shower head as he wanted.  Devon turned his head from side to side - he was really enjoying it.

May 28 - Jamie and Jodi came to spend the afternoon with Devon.  They went for walks and started to watch a movie when Melissa, Fedor and Shawn Gordon came up to visit.  Devon was very happy to see them.  They had Devon laughing a lot talking about "the old times". 

May 30 - Today Devon went for his dental appointment.  I got the van and picked him up from school.  He did good at the dentist, but was hesitate about opening his mouth for him.  The assessment was good - no cavities.  But of course he needs a good cleaning and fluoride so the dentist is going to book a time at the hospital to do the work.

May 31 - Devon has his PEJ replaced today.  He did so very well.  He only got upset once when they put the mask on him to make him go to sleep.  When they brought him out of recovery he was laying on his back with his hands behind his head.  First time he was relaxed after surgery!  It was so good to see.  He did good the entire day.  We are very proud of you sweetheart!

June 2 - We headed for home today. We had the best night! First we laid down on a blanket with Devon outside. He just loved it. The we let him move around by himself. He turned over on his tummy and snuggled into his pillow and laid like that for an hour! Then we put him in one of the lounge lawn chairs. I wish I had a camera! He sat in that chair for over an hour! Later on Jodi & Garrett came over and we had a fire. Devon was totally thrilled. We had to end it for him as it was 11:00 and he was still bright eyed! When we got him into bed he was asleep in seconds.

June 3 - We let Devon sleep in a bit this morning as he was up so late. We had a good morning, pretty relaxed. After lunch Dev was laying forward on some pillow and I was giving him a massage he fell asleep. He had a relaxing day and then we headed back to Wascana.

June 5 - Melissa and Cayla came to visit for a while today. Devon had a couple of smiles for them. Dad took Devon down to the concourse this afternoon and he sat in one of the high back chairs. He really likes this as I think it helps him to feel like he is doing something normal. He sat there for 40 minutes listening to a lady play the piano.

June 8 - Devon is having a good day. He is very alert and responsive. When we asked him if he wanted to go for a walk, he said no. Asked if he wanted to watch tv, he said no. Then we asked if he wanted a bath and we got a big YES. So we bathed him and then weighed him. He weighed in at 113.6.

June 12 - Devon is moving his arms around today by himself. When I commented on how good his arms were working he raised his left arm up over his head and held it there! He is getting so much stronger in his upper body now. Kelsi and Raina came up tonight and had a great night with Devon. They went outside and blew some bubbles (and made a big mess!) and then they did some painting. Devon painted a very nice picture for us.

June 14 - PT took Devon into the pool today. He has been real tired since! He had a good evening. We put in Napoleon Dynamite and his eyes never left the tv!

June 18 - We got the volunteer van today so we decided to go over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for fathers day. Devon really enjoyed it. All of his cousins came over and Dev did great! Grandma made him laugh more than a few times.

June 21 - Devon went to the movies with school today. When I asked him if he had fun he gave me a big yes. Then I asked him if he liked the movie, and he said no! Then he gave me a little smile! Jodi and Jen came up tonight and they took Devon down to the concourse. Jodi stole Dev’s wheelchair and was trying to get away with it, saying "hey guys, wait for me" and Devon laughed and laughed.

June 23 - What a fantastic day!! We picked Devon up from school at 10:00 this morning and headed out to the horse stables. Devon did awesome! He got to pick out his horse. He picked a nice white horse named Blue. He did so great! We took pictures and video. Everyone was so impressed with him and how good he did. He sat so straight up and he was looking so very proud. It was hard to hold back the tears. We left and headed for home.

June 24 - Devon had a good sleep last night and got up so good. He had lots of company today. First Jamie, Austen and Ethen came over, then Jodi, then Jack and Bradley. It was so nice to see them and Devon was extremely happy to see Bradley. Then Dustin and his friend came over. Devon was loving all the attention. Later in the afternoon Jamie colored his hair! Now he really looks like Eminem (just what he wanted!).

June 25 - Today Doug took Devon to the playground at WRC and put him in the swing (the one where you get him out of his chair). He swang for about 20 minutes and did not want to get out! Again it was something that made him feel more "normal".

June 26 - Melissa and Derek came today. They told Devon how good he looks with his new hair and he smiled! He spent the evening with Kelsi going for walks outside and playing with a puppy. Kelsi said they had a wonderful night.

June 28 - Today was Devon’s last day of school. When I asked him if he had fun at school today he said yes. Then I asked if he is going to miss school and he said yes. In the evening we went to the park and fed the geese. Devon really enjoyed that.

June 29 - Devon had a great day today. When he let me know he had to go to the bathroom I took him and this time let him stand to go pee. He really appreciated that (he gave me a hug after). We had the van today so we ditched this place and went over to Gram’s place. We had a great visit. We bathed Devon tonight and he weighed in at 113.8. When we got back to his room Dayna and Sydney were there. They had a good visit and they laughed a lot. The girls were telling jokes and Devon was laughing and he smiled at them quite a few times. Dayna was very touched by the progress in Devon and his reactions.

June 30 - We took off for home today! First we went to the mall and saw Jodi and Grandpa. Devon does enjoy cruising the mall. Then we went to pick Dad up from work. When we got home we played around with the therapy ball. Then I said Devon back in his chair and he reached for the ball with his feet. He played with it like that for a long time. Later on we went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We had fun and got a few laughs out of Dev. We didn’t get home until 11:00! Devon was out as soon as we put him in bed.

July 1 - We let Devon sleep in until 8:30 this morning. We had a good morning at home and then headed back to Wascana. We spent the afternoon at the park for Canada Day. We sat in the shade and watched some bands play. We ran into Kris and his dad there so we sat with them. On the way back we stopped and bought Devon a spiderman balloon. He hung onto that for hours! When we tried to take it away he pulled it back! He really loves that thing.

July 3 - Today Devon and I laid down in his bed for a rest.  He didn't want to rest though.  He started wrapping his leg around mine and pulling.  Leg wrestling!!  So we had a little fun instead of a nap.  Of course he won everytime.  Man he has strong legs!  Then we just cuddled and watched a movie.  Devon fell asleep just before the movie ended.

July 5 - Jennifer took Devon to the Legislature Building today.  She got him out of his chair and they laid on the grass and enjoyed the beautiful day.  Jen said he didn't want to get up when it was time to go!  Jamie, Ryan, Austen and Ethen came later on and we went outside and raced remote control cars.  Devon really liked that!  We gave him a bath and as we were going downstairs, along came Melissa, Ashley & Christina.  Devon was very happy to see them.  The girls were dancing around to music on the tv and had Devon laughing.  Thanks girls!  (And he still won't let go of his Spiderman!)

July 8 - Devon's cousins Chris, Ken, Breanne, Carrie, Ray & Shelby came in from North Battleford.  They were very happy to see Devon and see how much he has progressed.  Devon sure enjoyed the visit!

July 11 - Dad took Devon to the mall today and he bought some new sunglasses.  He picked out the ones he wanted (and their cool!).  Then home for the weekend!  It was so nice for me to get home from work and there he is!!  We had a great evening and Devon was asleep as soon as we put him in bed.

July 12 - Devon woke up happy at home today.  He did awesome at his therapeutic horseback riding.  His instructor (Katherine) is amazed at how good he is doing.  He sits so straight up and looks so very proud!  Today he rode around the arena 4 times!  This is definately his thing!

July 15 - When I got here today Devon was asleep in his chair.  I started to pack up his things for his home visit when he woke up.  I said "hey buddy, mom is packing your stuff for home" and he looked at me and had the biggest smile on his face.  When we got home Sara and Melissa came to visit.  Later on we went outside and Devon ladi ona blanket for a while.  Then we put him in the lounge lawn chair and Grandma and Grandpa came over and we had a fire.  Devon stayed outside until 10:30!  Again he was asleep in minutes when we got him to bed.

July 20 - Devon is having a good day.  He did real well at physio.  After physio we went to see Gwen & Bettyanne (Acquired Brain Injury Outreach) and visited for almost an hour.  Dev sat so good through the entire meeting and responded well to their questions, especially when Bettyanne asked him if he was happy about going home!  In the evening we went for a couple of walks and visited with his friends Kris and Kayla and we even got a few laughs out of him!  Devon weighed in at 115.6 lbs!  Way to go bud.

July 22 - Devon had 2 very special visitors today.  Our dear friends Lisa and Katie from Edmonton.  It was great!  Katie wrote in the journal how much she loves and misses Devon.  Katie walked him around for a while and when they were leaving Lisa asked him to blow a kiss and he puckered up good!  And Devon, Lisa says you are 'way more good looking then Eminem"!  Later in the evening Grams and Auntie Kathy came for a visit.  What a good day for Dev.

July 23 - Melissa and Ashley came up tonight.  Melissa wrote in the journal: Hey muffin, you are looking so good!  Keep it up darlin, can't wait until you are home.  Love you tons, Mel

July 25 - Jennifer took Devon to the park and he listened to music on his discman and Jennifer sat and read her book.  She said he was so very content.  When we arrived after work Devon had many kisses for us!  We knew he had a good day then (dont get kisses too much anymore).

July 28 - Devon had swimming again today (he does more and more each time) and then we went home.  Jodi came over to visit for a while and made Devon laugh many times!  He was in such a good mood all day and night.  It's so awesome to see him happy.

July 29 - Devon went to Dustin's house today.  Dad and him walked over and visited for a couple of hours.  Apparently there was lots of laughter once again.  Dustin had him laughing so hard he was shaking, and even made some noise.  Excellent Dustin!

Aug 1 - Jennifer took Devon to the Science Centre today.  She said they had a lot of fun (they got to make a bag of snot?!!)  Then they came back and went to the carnival in the concourse.  Devon squirted the water gun at one of his physio therapists and won a stuffed animal.  He was pretty proud.

Aug 3 - Another good day for Dev.  He did well in physio except there was some distraction.  His buddies Jeff, Kris and Kayla were also there.  He wasn't listening to his therapists and he was too interested in what his friends were doing!  We also gave him a few spoonfuls of pudding which he handled real good.

Aug 6 - Jodi and Garrett came up today and took Dev for a walk through the park.  When they got back Garrett made Devon laugh by pretending to spray baby powder on Jodi.  They had a good time. 

Aug 7 - We were busy most of the day with packing Devon's things for camp.  Still can't believe it!  I am getting very nervous!  Devon had lots of visitors today.  Kelsi came up to spend the evening and then Sydnee and Dayna came up.  Dayna wrote in the journal: Dev you look fantastic!  I'm so very proud of you going away to camp all by yourself.  I think about you every day and seeing you lights up my life.  You have a long road ahead of you and I am here for you every step of the way!  I love you, Dayna.

August 15 - Welcome back Devon!!!  

August 17 - Devon weighed in today at 117.8!!!!!  Unfortunately we have discovered that Dev has a hernia in his groin.  He is going for an ultrasound to confirm it and then will have to have it surgically repaired. 

August 18 - Jennifer came today and took Devon swimming (and she did everything all by herself) and she was very proud of herself!

August 20 - Devon got to see Lisa again today.  She came and spent a couple of hours with him and she really enjoyed their visit.  She is very impressed with your progress buddy!  Devon was very happy to see her and even gave her a "peace out" when she was saying goodbye.  Jodi came up and showed Devon the video of her and Ryan on the sling shot at the exhibition.  Jodi was screaming her face off!  And Devon was really laughing.  We watched it twice and he laughed just as hard the second time.  It was awesome!

August 24 - We spent most of the day today talking with people about Devon's discharge.  So much to do!  He has been very responsive today, especially when we talk about going home.  We are putting big X's on the calendar and counting down the days!  8 more to go!

August 25 - Devon went swimming with Jennifer again today and had a real good time in the pool.  When we got here we packed up for our weekend home.  We hung out in the backyard for a while and Dad was showing Devon the gazebo he is building for him.  Devon was very interested as Dad talked about the construction.  Then we went in Dev's room for a while and listened to some of his music.  Dad was dancing and Devon was laughing at him so hard!  We sure had a good time.

August 26 - Jennifer and Curtis came over to visit this afternoon and Devon did a little showing off.  Later on he had a shower with Dad and just loved it.  He kept putting his head under the shower, moving back and forth.  You could tell he was enjoying it.  Then we went outside for a fire and Devon fell asleep there.  How nice to fall asleep around a fire.  He looked so very peaceful.  Melissa, Cole, Heather and Christina went to WRC only to find out Devon was at home this weekend!  Sorry we missed you guys, thanks for the notes.  We read them to Devon when we returned.

August 27 - We took Devon to Home Depot today and bought his new bathtub.  He did so good in the store!  He just kept looking around at everything.  Grams came over in the afternoon and had a nice visit with Devon.

August 29 - What a wonderful day!  Devon has his appointment with Dr. Lala to check his tube.  Normally, Dr. Lala would sedate Devon so that he could get him laying down on the stretcher for the procedure.  (Devon continues to have a fear of laying on his back [as that usually meant someone was going to hold him down] and he gets very upset.  So today I told him we have to do this for going home.  Dr. Lala has to check things out before we can leave.  Well, for the very first time Devon got on that stretcher and laid flat on his back.  He put his hands behind his head and just laid there!  It was amazing.  He let Dr. Lala do what he had to do without squirming even once!  Dr. Lala told him how very proud he was of him.  Then we came home to meet with Meagan (Home Care OT).  I told Devon that she had to come and give us final approval before we can come home.  And again Devon was most cooperative!  Meagan also told him that she too was very, very proud of him.  We have the green light now buddy!!  We are going home!!

August 31 - Devon weighed in today at 118.2 lbs.  Excellent Devon!  We had a great day today, our last day at WRC.  Devon had his last physio's and said goodbye to his therapists.  We had our last bath in the big tub and spent the evening going around saying goodbye to all the night staff.  A pretty emotional day.  Last sleep here Dev!!

September 1 - Needless to say, a VERY emotional day today!!  We took Devon to the pool for his last swim with therapy.  He did great.  Most of the day was spent finishing up with the packing and saying goodbye to all Devon's friends.  There were a lot of tears.  At 4:00 we walked out the front doors of WRC.  Goodbye!!!!  When we arrived home Jamie, Ryan, Austen, Ethen and Jodi were there to meet us.  There were flowers everywhere, banners and balloons all welcoming Devon home.  The look of contentment on his face was enough to make you cry.  There were tears of course but these were tears of TOTAL HAPPINESS!  Thank you Jesus.  Our son is home.

September 4 - We had an excellent weekend.  Again we had fire pits, lots of visitors and more flowers!  Devon is so happy and content.  Everything is going so well!

September 5 - Devon's first day of school!!  The school bus came to pick him up at 8:40.  Then Doug and I drove to the school and we spent some time talking with the teachers, therapists and the nurse.  Devon was very interested in everything.  It was so cool.  Then at 3:00 the bus dropped him off at home.  I LOVE TO SAY THAT, AT HOME!  He was very bright and alert and when we asked him if he liked school he said yes.  Then we asked him if he liked coming home after school and we got a VERY BIG yes.  We took a cab and went to see the bike expo at Wascana.  Dad put Devon on one of the bikes and cruised around.  Dev did so good!!  I think his dad is now buying him one of these bikes!