Nov 12 – Toxicology report has come back - Crystal Meth in his system. An EEG (Electroencephalogram) shows swelling and no brain activity. Devon cannot breath on his own so a respirator was put in. Nine intravenous pumps are connected to him delivering many different medications to help revive him. Devon is in a coma.

Nov 13 – Devon remains in a coma. His blood pressure is very low. His tongue and bottom lip are very damaged (from the incident) and one of his front teeth was almost knocked out (from the rescue efforts of the EMS). They put a mouth guard in as Devon uncontrollably bites down on his lips and tongue.

Nov 14 – A service was held today for Devon at Aman House Church where Pastor Gordon held prayers for Devon. When we returned from Church to the ICU, Devon opened his eyes for the first time. We were so thrilled! But then, at 3:30 a.m. he began to crash. Code Blue was called and everything the doctors could do was done but Devon continued to crash. His body was violently thrashing up and down with seizure. There was nothing they could do. Doug and I ran to Devon’s side and told him over and over how much we loved him, how much Jesus loved him, that we couldn’t be without him, that we were there for him, not to give up fighting, how much we loved him…… for what seemed like 5 minutes. Then suddenly, all the machines stopped beeping, his heart rate came down, blood pressure went back up and the seizure stopped. He had heard us.

Nov 15 – Another EEG was done today that revealed further swelling. Devon was "packed" into an ice blanket in an effort to reduce the swelling in his brain. We were told not to touch him or talk to him now to decrease stimulation. A doctor came to talk to us about plastic surgery for his tongue.

Nov 16 – A Nasogastric tube was put in for Devon to get food into his body. He did not open his eyes today.

Nov 17 – EEG today revealed the swelling in his brain is going down. His face remains very swollen though. We can touch him again now.

Nov 18 – Devon was taken out of the ice blanket. Temperature is good.

Nov 19 – Devon opened his eyes again! Today we go home for the first time. Pastor Gordon came to bless the house. (Couldn’t have done it without him).

Nov 20 – Today they removed the respirator. Devon still couldn’t breath on his own. He was taken to the operating room where they performed a tracheotomy. (A tracheotomy is an incision into the trachea (windpipe) that forms an opening which is called a tracheostomy). The incision is vertical and runs from the second to the fourth tracheal ring. Devon is showing some "reflex" movements with his hands and his legs have become quite restless. He is opening his eyes several times a day now. They ask us again not to touch or talk to him hoping his restlessness will subside.

Nov 21 – We can touch and talk to him again! He is very restless but the doctors say this is not agitation and to just keep the stimulations small. Devon must be suctioned often to help him breath. Doug is taught the procedure to suction down Dev’s trache.

Nov 22 – Devon’s tongue is healing on its own. He will not require surgery on it. The mouthguard must remain in. They sat Devon in a chair today for the first time. He didn’t like it at all!

Nov 23 – Devon went for surgery today to insert a feeding tube into his stomach. This is called a PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy). No more tube in his nose!

Nov 24 – 3 of Devon’s medications are discontinued. He is quite stable and is opening his eyes for periods of time now. His legs are still very restless.

Nov 25 – Today Devon is declared stable!!!!!

Nov 26 – Devon gets discharged from ICU today! He is transferred to Unit 3D Room #378.

Nov 27 – Devon is doing well although the transfer was a little trying.

Nov 28 – The doctor informed us that they want to pull out all of Devon’s teeth! He still has to wear the mouth guard because he keeps biting his tongue and lips. If we don’t he could end up biting his tongue right off. This was most upsetting news. We began to tell Devon "stop biting sweetie, you must stop biting or the doctor is going to pull out all your teeth" over and over. Even though he is semi comatose we know he can hear us.

Nov 29 – We continue, "don’t bite Devon, don’t bite" over and over

Nov 30 – Pastor Gordon and Karen Gordon came to pray with Devon. We continue, "don’t bite Devon, don’t bite"

Dec 1 – Code Blue is called and Devon is rushed back to ICU – high fever, vomiting, low respirations, and they couldn’t open his airway and he stopped breathing.

Dec 2 - A chest xray today revealed aspiration pneumonia.

Dec 3 – The mouth guard is taken out today. So far he is not biting.

Dec 5 – Devon is doing well. The pneumonia is clearing and his vital signs are good.

Dec 6 – Devon did hear us! He has not bit down on his tongue or lips at all!

Dec 7 – Devon is declared stable once again.

Dec 8 – transferred to Unit 3B Room #337. We got Devon nicely settled in and we went for a quick coffee. As we were returning to his room we knew something was wrong. The nurse was frantic and a code blue was called again. Devon was not breathing and was seizuring. He was rushed back to ICU.

Dec 9 – The doctor told Doug and I that she didn’t see things would get any better and Devon will have to go to a nursing home.

Dec 10 – We refuse to accept the doctors diagnosis.

Dec 12 – Another problem. All of a sudden Devon wasn’t breathing. Code blue was called again, they bagged him and this time he was recessitated immediately.

Dec 14 – Devon has to have his PEG repositioned today.

Dec 15 – Dr. Fink from Wascana Rehab Center came to assess Devon today. He said Devon is not healthy enough to do a proper assessment yet and he will be consulted once Dev’s health improves.

Dec 16 – Devon’s been vomiting. PEG not going well.

Dec 17 – Still vomiting. The Nasogastric tube put back in as feeding tube not going well.

Dec 21 – Devon’s PEG was taken out today. They felt that maybe his feed was coming back up from his stomach so they decided to put in a PEJ (into the small bowel) to see if this helps. Nasogastric tube is out.

Dec 25 – A hard day today. Devon had a mucous plug and couldn’t breath and they had to bag him. He had a chest xray this morning that revealed pneumonia again. Two more antibiotics are started. And then, when the nurse was transferring him from his bed to his chair she accidentally pulled out Devon’s PEJ! Now he must get the surgery again.

Dec 27 - Devon is declared stable once again!

Dec 28 – 4:30 p.m. - Devon is transferred to the Neurological Unit at RGH

December 28, 2004 Transfer to RGH 5A

Devon’s transfer to 5A was a little trying. December 29 was his first full day and he was totally upset all day. His trache has come out once and he vomited twice. Finally that night his doctor came to see him and ordered some sedation. (They would not follow the care plan because they said it was a different hospital). We were most upset. We called the Children’s Advocate office and they are going to speak with Quality Care about our concerns.

Dec 30 – much better day today, although he was still quite restless just from the strangeness of the nurses and his new room. He sat in his chair for 3 hours and was quite settled. Today was the first day he followed with his eyes. Dr. Kalepski said today there is marked improvement and he is also putting in for Devon to go to WRC.

Dec 31 – He had his PEJ extended once again as he was vomiting again. Needless to say, he got aspiration pneumonia again. This time affecting both lungs. Two more antibiotics are added. Today he was answering yes and no questions. Doug asked him if he could shave him and Devon answered yes by nodding his head. He sat very still through the shave and even lifted his chin up